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Terroir of volubilis

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Volubilis is the most impressive Roman site of Morocco .

Archaeological evidence points to the possibility of a Neolithic settlement at Volubilis, while tablets found show there was a 3rd century BC Phoenician settlement. In AD 24, it was the western capital of the Roman Kingdom of Mauritania, and, from AD 45 to 185, the capital of the Roman Province of Mauretania Tingitania. Under the Romans, Volubilis dominated a agriculturally rich region, with significant olive oil production.

However, Volubilis was at the South-East extremity of the Province and connected to Rome only through Atlantic ports. Hence, its weak position required extensive city walls.
Olive presses can be found throughout much of the city, as olive oil production was an essential element in its economy, as it is in the area today, where many olive trees are still growed.

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